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what is raffleware?
Raffleware is an amazing software based raffle
program presented in full color onto a video screen!


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IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER! Once you commit to purchasing Raffleware, there are "NO REFUNDS".  We have no way of tracking downloads.  If your download fails due to an error on our end or yours, please email us promptly and we will provide a direct link and get you up and running. If you do not agree with our "NO REFUND" policy, DO NOT PURCHASE THE SOFTWARE and simply leave the website.


Reverse Raffle Software for non-profit organizations from Raffleware Gaming. Raffle Software reimagined.

Raffleware online raffle software is a must have for all raffle fundraisers in the US. We are the creators of the best fundraiser solutions and fundraising ideas for non profit organizations. Our unique fundraising ideas are packaged in our raffle program and your organization can purchase the raffle software online. Our raffle software allows you to simulate a raffle board, raffle sideboard, sideboard tickets, roll tickets, ticket raffle, raffle drum and successfully run reverse raffles. You no longer have to purchase your raffle tickets online or have to deal with a raffle ticket template, custom tickets or printing raffle tickets.

Raffleware raffle software is a great fundraising idea for all charitable non profit organizations, high school sports fundraisers, churches, bingo halls, booster clubs, fraternal organizations, halls, banquet centers, bars and is a great DJ software add on.

Non profit organizations are buying Raffleware virtual raffle software because it is visually stunning, affordable, user friendly and customizable. Our raffle software includes a virtual main raffle board, sideboards, random number generator, ability to sell on screen advertising to promote local businesses. Disc Jockeys and DJ companies can increase sales by purchasing and using the raffle software at their fundraising events. The raffle program includes bonus games and is entertaining and fun for all fundraising events.

raffleware gaming